Absolutely they are! The American National Standards Institute developed requirements for industrial head protection relating to 1) Impact Protection; 2) Penetration Protection, and 3) Electrical Insulation Protection

  • bull hard hatANSI Type I(1) are conventional hard hats that are designed to reduce the force of impact to the top of the wearer’s head, neck and spine.

  • ANSI Type II(2) hard hats offer additional impact protection to the front, sides, and back, as well as the top (crown) of the head.

  • CLASS E hard hats are electrically tested to withstand 20,000 volts.

  • CLASS G hard hats are electrically tested to withstand 2,200 volts.

  • Class C hard hats provide no conductive electrical protection.

Consult your safety manager for detailed, job-specific compliance. Evaluate your site’s hazards to determine the right type of protection for you and your employees.

We offer both Type I and Type II, Class E, G and C compliant hard hats in various colors from Bullard, Pyramex, and MSA. Call or email us today for stock and ordering options!

source for standards explanation:  Honeywell Safety Brochure